Spoiled Woman Comment Youtube Funny!!

I think women want a guy who’s handsome or cute, and pays for their food and entertainment to prove he’s a gentleman. He must be nice, but not too nice. Drive a nice car, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Easy going, but serious, dark and ambitious. Have a good paying job. Love his mother, but not more than the girl he’s seeing. Have the ability to read her thoughts and put her desires above all else. Confident, but not arrogant. An asshole, but not too much of an asshole. Be tall and strong to fight off wild animals and anyone who might insult or question the woman’s dignity. And oh yeah, we’ve got to be fucking comedians too! Basically, women are parasitic idiots chasing fantasies. And men are bigger idiots for attempting to make them happy. Russian and Australian men have got it right. Treat women like the spoiled pieces of shit that they are, and prioritize your own concerns. There are good reasons why most women don’t trust or even like each other.