How to Enable Root account in Ubuntu!

Enabling the root account

IconsPage/IconWarning3.png Enabling the Root account is rarely necessary. Almost everything you need to do as administrator of an Ubuntu system can be done via sudo or gksudo. If you really need a persistent Root login, the best alternative is to simulate a Root login shell using the following command… IconsPage/IconWarning3.png


sudo -i


To enable the Root account (i.e. set a password) use:

sudo passwd root

Use at your own risk!


IconsPage/dont.png Logging in to X as root may cause very serious trouble. If you believe you need a root account to perform a certain action, please consult the official support channels first, to make sure there is not a better alternative. IconsPage/dont.png




Re-disabling your root account



IconsPage/info.png If for some reason you have enabled your root account and wish to disable it again, use the following command in terminal… IconsPage/info.png


sudo passwd -dl root