drunken wisdom to the next generation

Rule 1: Don’t trust people trust balance sheets (and still be skeptical).

Rule 2: Anybody under 30 telling you how to invest on Youtube doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Rule 3: Selling OTM options is better than buying OTM short dated calls or puts.

Rule 4: It is okay to go full blown regard and try to hit home run now and then with your hard earned winnings. You have to get paid to get laid but homeless dudes will see no action. Don’t get homeless.

Rule 5: You will understand the market in pure clarity after you are married for 20 years or more. At that point you will realize you never will understand your wife and you will never understand the market. This is where wisdom and judgment come in.. You diversify and hedge your bets because just like your wife, the market can stay irrational for a long time.

Rule 6: At some point you will die. No matter how much you gain or lose we will all get to zero breaths left (Breakeven).

Rule 7: There is a finite supply of belly button lint in the world. Just because it is finite does not make it valuable anymore than a finite supply of an imaginary coin.