physdiskwrite usage

Change log

  • 0.5.2: added new command line parameter -d to specify drive number (no confirmation prompts!)
  • 0.5.1: increased safety overwrite limit to 2 GB (instead of 800 MB); can still be overridden with -u
  • 0.5: support for digitally signed images; all of the first 32 physical disks are now probed (instead of aborting at the first error)
  • 0.4: model/serial number/firmware version and real C/H/S should now be reported (may not work with e.g. some USB CF adapters)
  • 0.3: a “-u” flag has been added to allow writing to disks > 800 MB (USE WITH CARE!)
  • 0.2: physdiskwrite can now automatically detect and decompress gzipped image files on-the-fly using the embedded zlib.


physdiskwrite  -u  -d #  freenas.img

physdiskwrite download