5 Hard Facts For Girls and Women, by A Woman

  1. 1 week a month, you’ll be miserable. 25% of your life during your childbearing years will suck, and yes, some men will mock you for it (mostly in high school). It seems unfair to put up with it, but that’s life. It’s not fair. Buy a heating pad and suck it up. Quit bitching – women all know it sucks and men don’t want to hear it.
  2. Your hormones will wreck you. Accept that estrogen will mess with your decision making. Train yourself to stop and think before you react emotionally. Gather information before making a decision. Try not to consult a group of women about big problems or decisions, as they will likely advise you based on emotion and not what course of action is actually best.
  3. You are weaker, slower, with less endurance than men, and likely your brain is geared more toward communication and personal relationships than mathematics and complex theoretical physics. It’s not fair. When you realize how outclassed you are, you will probably be angry. That is normal, at first. Learn to accept it. It’s okay to be a woman. The TV lied to you. You’re never going to be an ass kicking girl boss, but you can be something far more: a happy, feminine woman. A wife and mother.
  4. Just because you are smaller, weaker, slower, and generally not as good at math than men, and you suffer menstruation, does NOT mean men have it easier than you. Men often have tougher jobs that wear diwn and break their bodies. They suffer diseases that don’t get a tenth of the recognition that “women’s” diseases like breast cancer get. They get drafted into wars, they lose custody of kids more, they get little to no appreciation for their efforts and they die sooner. You are not oppressed by men. Life sucks for EVERYBODY.
  5. You will never be more desirable than when you’re 18-25. After that, you’ll notice men barely flirt with you. After 30-35, you may never have a man flirt again. Your stock will decrease while a man’s stock increases. A woman’s value is based on her beauty and perceived fertility*. A man’s is based on his wealth and ability to support a family. Therefore, at 35, a man has reached peak desirability, while a woman is entering obscurity. This is the most brutal truth of all. Do not wait to settle down. Get a good husband as early as possible. Aim for marriage between 22-25. I did and I never regretted it.

*This is true for initial attraction leading into a more serious relationship. There are, of course, important personality traits, but no one cares how beautiful you are on the inside if they can’t get past your appearance.