Replace Dead Raid-5 Disk

1. Drive errors or Failed Redundancy detected.
2. Add new hard drive to computer (you must have an available SATA or whatever connector available to do this).
3. Run “Repair Volume” and select the new drive as the replacement drive to fix the volume.
4. When the system is done “Resyncing” you can remove bad hard drive.
At this point if you want to or need to, you can unplug the new drive (which will cause your array to fault) and then plug it into the old drive’s spot. This is only necessaryfor “housekeeping” if you have your drives in specific spots. When you plug the new drive back in, your volume will resync an all will be good again.
One last thing, because Window Server doesn’t offer a nice way to see which drive is actually “Drive4” or what ever, here is a command line you can run that will display all your drives and their serial number. Open a command prompt and type in…
wmic DISKDRIVE GET DeviceID, SerialNumber
If you want to output that to a text file add this to the end of that (without the curly brackets) { >> “c:\drive list.txt”}
The >> tells your DOS command to output to a file. You can name the file anything you want (within reason of course).