Windows 7: SSD Alignment


If you want to verify the alignment (e.g. for a SSD where you are not certain whether the proper alignment was done), you use the following commands.

List disk
Select disk n
List partition

Now you should see a result like this.

Partition ### Type Size Offset
————- —————- ——- ——-
Partition 1 Primary 59 GB 1024 KB – but 64KB or any number divisible by 4 is also good

The offset (in KBs) has to be divisible by 4.

Note: Some readers and users of this tutorial got confused because the alignment numbers in a typical Windows7 installation are shown as:

1024KB for the 100MB partition
101MB for the next partition – which is most likely the C partition

They think that 101MB is not divisible by 4 and that there must be a problem. But that is not so. If you convert 101MBs into KBs (multiply by 1024), then the number is divisible by 4 and the partition is aligned.