Understanding Women from a Males Perspective

Men need to understand the science behind women’s love for men. There is a saying that goes,

“A woman loves her children, a man loves his wife and children”

Women don’t love men the way men think they do. A woman admires a man, a man adores a woman, a woman adores her kids. I hope you can see what I’m getting at.

It’s not in a woman’s nature to love a man the way she loves her kids but it’s in a mans nature to love and die for his wife and kids.

Her love for you comes down to what you can do for her and her kids and once again it’s not the same type of love you would feel. Her love for her kids can be unwavering but not for you.

Women are emotional creatures and they are also extremely fickle to the point of severe immaturity no matter how intelligent they may seem, they are, once again, emotional creatures.

I’m not saying women are bad. I’m saying this is nature. When a woman is hung on a man you may think that she truly loves him, in her own way yes I suppose she does. However, that “love” is really just the adventure of being with that man and how he made her feel when they were together.

Women will often say, “he made me feel safe” but let me tell you that if he were to get his ass kicked severely by a smaller dude than him in front of her…. that would all change. It’s not up to her, this is how she feels. Same way a man can get hung up on a woman without even knowing her but just because of her looks he’s willing to cross oceans and do god knows what for her and her attention.